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Customize your

Dream Jacket

If someone who want to customize his leather fashion jacket / costume for getting unique (after all, it's NEVER been a fun in a party with someone rocking the same outfit as you).Our customization process allows users to customize their very own Solo Leathers fashion jacket with a variety of options from style, fitting, colour, textured, leather types, fur, lining and much more. These supple selection gives you the styling a vibe all your own.custom leather jackets At Solo Leather, we feel proud when a buyer writes an outstanding remark about our custom leather jacket. It’s our passion to create dream clothing products for our customers. Here you grasp the top quality leather jackets with a freedom to have it designed just the way you want it.

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Racing Bike Fever

Customize a Safety Suit

customization motorcycle jackets suitsSolo leathers offer you the customization for racing protection leather gear / suit. Adding and removing multiple options in suit gives you the full grip on customization. Also these options give you the flexibility with limited budget resources.

Major Selection for Customization / MTM

1- Any design you Need.

2- Men and Women Fittings.

3- 1Pcs, 2Pcs Suit, Jacket and Trouser.

4- Leather Type Selection.

    Buffalo, Cowhide, Kangaroo

5- Wide Color Selection.

6- Internal Protection Padding.

7- External Protection Padding.

8- Back Hump Type Selection.

    Small, Medium, Large, Hydro

9- Perforation and Ventilations.

10- Logo and Embroideries.

11- Custom Fitting / MTM / Bespoke

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Inside Solo Leather

Racing Suit

When travelling across the road with high speed and thinking about any mishap, the last thing is about the protection gear. The most critical and import thing is the properly fitted helmet and the 1pcs / 2Pcs kit your wearing.
Solo Leather is the company which can provide you the protection gear with comfort and customization you need to excel your speed, style. Apart from the fitting, we offer you ultra-lightweight Kangaroo leather, Cowhide Leather and every sort of protection. Take a look inside solo leather, how it work for your protection.
Our all Motorcycle Replica Leather Suit begin life inside our factory. Our experts team start processing by designing the drawing, Printing, Patterning, Selection and Cutting of Leather, and then sewing all individual components to build the ultimate master piece of road motorcycle protection gear. The body of suit construction with 1.3mm cowhide leather, which is strong enough to protect the rider for major damage. Double Nylon thread stitching at main junctions, where the leather panel meets.

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